Monday, August 1, 2011

Final Update: Braid/Twist Out

At the end of the Day 2, 4, and 5 Updates post I mentioned that the next style would be a braid/twist out. I decided to go with a twist out on Day 6. I unraveled her twists while leaving the cornrows intact. Due to the overall fullness of her hair, the cornrows were barely seen.

Later that night, I moisturized her twist out with Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk and Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer.  I grabbed sections of her hair and made large two-strand twists for bedtime. Her hair was then covered with her satin bonnet.

The next day was Smurf day and she was very excited! She slipped a note under my bedroom door the night before that said, "Wear blue tomorrow!" Lol!! She had her blue dress and silver sandals laid out the next morning! She was ready!!

I decided that this would be the day for the full braid/twist out. I took down her large two-strand twists and cornrows and moisturized her hair once more with the Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk. Here are the results:

My little Smurfette:

In the end, I was able to make the following variatons to the original style:
  • The original style
  • The original style with loose twists
  • Twist out
  • Braid/twist out

I hope that you enjoyed this style. If you tried this style or any other style that is posted in our Style Gallery, please send pictures!! I would love to share them with the rest of our readers.


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