Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspired by... Variations

We've been really busy since the start of school, so whenever I can stretch a style, I will!! Anisa is still wearing the style originally showcased in our Inspired by... post. I first changed the style by adding curlformers. This style was shown in our Inspired by... Update post. Her braids/cornrows are still holding up pretty well so I decided not to take them out just yet. Instead, I chose to change things up a bit. 

The third variation was a simple half up, half down style. The front section remained the same while I made a ponytail in the back section and left the remainder of her hair down. 

The fourth variation was a braided updo design. I began by sectioning her box braids in a diagonal fashion. Next, I added cornrows in an upward motion and secured each braid with an ouchless band. The front section was changed a little bit. I decided to let one of the front braids that was originally in the front ponytail hang down. 

And last but certainly not least, we have our fifth variation brought to you by our Facebook friend Lanaye. Can you say beautiful???!!!! Wow!! Look at all of that hair!!! I hope to share more of her styles in the future!! 

If you have been Inspired by... any of my styles, I would love to see them!! Please feel free to share your pictures on our Facebook page or via email at 


  1. I am loving the different variations of this style. I am always in awe of your styles.

    So glad that I found your FB page/blog. Thanks for featuring my daughter. She loves getting to choose what style she wants.:)

  2. Your daughters hair is beautiful. It reminds me of my daughters hair.

  3. Gorgeous! I love that last photo and the fourth variation.

  4. How cute is this!?!?! Oh my gosh!! Too dag on cute!!!!! She looks amazing and her hair is gorgeous!!! You do such an amazing job!! Loving the fro w/the braided headband!!!


  5. Soooo pretty! I just love your creativity! Q won't let me touch her box braids, she wants them "swingable" so I get kinda bored over here some days.... ;-) lol

  6. Thanks Karli! I have to make this style last!!


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