Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mini Box Braids and Mommy's Earrings

Look who's rocking a new protective style!!! I spent Wednesday - Friday braiding Anisa's hair but it was soooo worth it!!! I also gave her a small trim before I started the braids. She ended up with a total of about 280 braids. I plan to keep them in for at least a month or more. 

I braided her hair in sections over the course of 3 days. I kept the sections that weren't being braided banded until I was ready to work with that particular section. While braiding her hair, I used an old favorite - Carol's Daughter Loc Butter. I still love how it works with her hair. I will moisturize her hair as needed using the products that we have at home. 

Now I know what you're probably thinking.... Where did you find those earrings!?!? 

We found these beautiful earrings at Krystal Bijoux Jewelry!!! Krystal is a talented designer who goes above and beyond to make sure that her customers are satisfied! I needed special posts for my earrings and Krystal gladly met my request! The delivery time was also amazing. These earrings would be a great addition to your gift lists this holiday season!! 

Once I opened the box, I loved them!!!! Anisa did too!! She loved them so much that she had to put them on!! She knows that they are mine but I decided to go ahead and let her showcase them! 

For more information about Krystal Bijoux Jewelry be sure to "Like" her Facebook page

For more information about Anisa's shirt, check out our very first blog post - Braided, Twisted and Rolled

As always, be sure to check out our Facebook fan page for more styles and information. 



    Krystal is a BEAST for those earrings... AND I LOVE THE SHIRT!!

    Great post... Beautiful baby!!


  2. Thanks ladies!! I love how her hair turned out and I am so loving these earrings!!

  3. I love the earrings! Very original. Her box braids are so tiny! They look awesome!

  4. Anisa is gorgeous and you did a great job with her hair! Those earring are awesome, Krystal did an amazing job!

  5. i love love love mini braids. i think A has around the same amount. i used a different product this time though and the top of her braids are getting a little frizzy, i'll have to try the carol's daughter loc butter out sometime and those earrings are super cool!

  6. Wow I love the hairstyle and her outfit !!! and these earrings are so beautiful !

  7. lady you slammed those mini braids like a jordan on the court! they are gorgeous, and they look awesome on Anisa. As for the earrings supa cute w/the matching shirt. luving all of it!!!

  8. How do you keep her hair for all that time?? I put box braids in my daughter's hair and 2 weeks in her hair was a frizzy mess.

  9. Thanks again ladies!! @ Miche'al- her braids won't look like this the entire time. They'll frizz as well but it'll be okay. You can hide it a bit by doing different styles such as braiding them all together for a crinkly look. And if the frizz is a bit much for you it's okay to redo a couple of the braids. Always remember to keep the hair moisturized and protected.

  10. SSSSSUPACUTE!!! Everything about this post is FAB!!

  11. WOW!!! Those box braids are perfection! Seriously, the entire post is amazing. Love the hair, shirt, earrings, and of course that beautiful baby!


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