Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday - Angry Birds Style!

Anisa just celebrated her birthday and we wanted to share a few of the pictures.

In order to achieve this look, Anisa wore her hair banded throughout the week. 

We celebrated her birthday by throwing her a fabulous pajama party! The girls had such a great time!! 

Check out the cake!! This gorgeous cake was created by the Cake Madam. Trust me when I say that it really does taste as good as it looks! Would you like to see more of her work? Click the picture to visit her website!! 

Here is a picture of the cupcakes that she enjoyed at school. 

Finally, here is a picture of the goody bags that we made. Anisa and I drew the faces ourselves!! 

Here she is the following day wearing some of her birthday presents - pink Angry Birds earrings, necklace, and ring (not pictured) and hair bands that were specially made just for her! 

As you can see, Anisa had a wonderful birthday! If you would like to send a few more birthday wishes, leave a comment below!! 


  1. Happy birthday anisa... I hope you enjoy m,any many more

  2. It looks like you all had a blast...I love the theme and all the decor and cupcakes :) She had some nice styles and PJ's! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  3. Thanks ladies!! She had a blast!!

  4. I love it and it looks like Anisa had a great party! Happy belated birthday to a beautiful young lady!

  5. Thank you!!! Only one more year to plan something else lol!!

  6. Happy Birthday! I like the idea of an angry birds party(might have to steal that one)

  7. Happy Birthday Anisa!!! Her party looks so fun!! She looks so pretty!! I love all her hairstyles!!

  8. happy birthday from Paris(France), you're a beautiful little girl with beautiful hair.

  9. the angry bird ponytails holders!! too cute :) love her hair all stretched out like that. happy bday anisa!


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