Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Routine: What's Working for Us

In this post I will give a breakdown of our current routine and the steps that were used for the above style.

Step 1: Detangle


I detangle Anisa's hair while it is dry using Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I grab small sections at a time and coat that section with the coconut oil. I start by detangling her ends with my fingers and work my way up. I use my fingers and the coconut oil to work my way thru and loosen any tangles or knots that may be present. Using your fingers helps to reduce breakage, thus improving overall length retention.

Once I am able to run my fingers thru a section without catching any tangles or knots, I twist that section making regular two-strand twists. I continue this process until I am done with her entire head. 

Step 2: Co-Washing

Conditioners (in a 3 week rotation):

I have not used shampoo on Anisa's hair for awhile now. Our routine is based off of the routine that is used by Fran of If you haven't checked out her page, you are definitely missing out! 

Shampoo can be very drying and with Anisa's eczema issues, I decided to ditch it in favor of all natural conditioners. I use the conditioners listed above in a 3 week rotation. Meaning during Week 1, I will use the Aubrey Organics, during Week 2, I will use the Raw Shea Butter conditioner, and during Week 3, I will use the yucca and baobab. I will start the rotation over during the 4th week of the month. 

I wash her hair in sections, or while her hair is still in twists, focusing on her scalp. This helps to cut down on new tangles that might occur during the cleansing process. 

Since I do not use shampoo, I have started to use apple cider vinegar to further cleanse/clarify her scalp. 

Step 3: ACV Rinse (Week 4 Only)


I use one table spoon of ACV per cup of water. I mix it together, rinse her hair with it, and follow up with a cool/cold water rinse. 

Step 4: Moisturize/Seal

Any other moisturizer that I am using 

I apply the moisturizer to Anisa's wet hair. Currently, I am using Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and I absolutely love it! Next, I seal in the water from her wash and the moisturizer with the Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera. The aloe vera has a water-like consistency so it is not heavy at all. It seals in the water and moisturizer without weighing down her curls. When your curls are not weighed down, you have VOLUME! 

Step 5: Drying/Stretching

Ouchless bands
Other options: 
Air drying while in twists, plaits, or braids
Cool blow dry if pressed for time

Anisa's hair is usually banded after the washing process in order to prep it for a new style. If I want her hair to be really stretched, I will leave her hair banded for a couple of days before styling. This means that she does wear her hair banded to school. I usually do a cute but simple braid style in the front and band the rest of her hair. 

For her Easter style, I opted to blow dry her hair using the cool setting. Blow drying often is NOT recommended!! 

Step 6: Styling

Combs for parting the hair
Flexi rods 

Once Anisa's hair was dry, I gave her two-strand twists all over using the Oyin Handmade Hair Dew and Whipped Pudding. The plan was to have a great twist out for Easter. I also added small cornrows in the front without the use of rubberbands. 

She wore her twists for two days prior to Easter. I rolled her twists at night using flexi rods. I also applied the Oyin Handmade Hair Dew each night before bedtime. 

I removed the flexi rods on Easter morning in preparation for her twist out. I applied Oyin Handmade Hair Dew to my hands prior to unraveling each twist. Here are the results: 

The following picture was taken later in the day while at the park.

Step 7: Maintaining the Style

I continue to moisturize her hair at night as needed. She also sleeps with a satin bonnet and pillowcase. 

King's Style

I practice the same routine with King with the exception of ACV rinses and banding. He also does not use a bonnet but does use a satin pillowcase. 

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  1. Love how you keep their routines simple. Seems like you have your staple products down. Great post. Beautiful children.

    1. Thank you Michelle. With two kids and my first graders, I have to keep things as simple as possible!

  2. I love it. Proof that you don't need a cabinet full of products (although I'm constantly at war with my inner product junkie). This routine most definitely seems to be working for you.....her hair looks FABULOUS!!!

    1. Thanks Rae! I've seen some products that I'm curious about but I can't justify trying them because these products are working so well.

  3. Thanks for sharing her regimen. Her hair looks very healty.

  4. I love how much time and care you put into her hair. I have 3 girls and I can not imagine how long it would take me to do this. But, the results are AMAZING! You have inspired me to take the time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you KNelson! Yes it is time consuming but once you've been doing it for awhile, the process goes by much faster.

  5. Goodness you have skills!! Your kids are GORGEOUS!!!! I'm so glad I found your blog. Do you have any advice for good cornrowing? I have no idea what I'm doing. I have two daughters ages 3 and 4 years old. Their hair is a hot mess all the time. Please help!

    1. Oh no!! Parts are important when cornrowing. You don't want messy parts because the hair could be pulled in different directions and this could lead to tension and/or bumps. You also don't want to make tight braids. Feel free to email me with any other questions that you might have.

  6. This post is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. You have greatly encouraged me with my four girls!

  7. Hi Aisha!! This is our "go to " post for mommies inquiring about children w/sensitive scalp. I got one eye on every last product mentioned, LOL! We too do acv rinses once a month. They both have beautiful healthy hair. LOVE IT!


  8. Hi!! I would like to know where can I find these products so I can start to beautiful routine that you do. By the way I love the way you keep your kids hair up!!!

  9. Love the advice i have two daughters with two different texture hair thank you :)


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