Thursday, September 1, 2011

We're Back with a Twist and Updates

Anisa wore her twists for a few days before I decided to change up her style a bit. I gathered her twists and separated them into 3 sections. Next, I secured each section with an ouchless band and added a curly bow. I've been moisturizing her hair with the same Oyin Handmade products that I've mentioned in previous posts: Hair Dew and Burnt Sugar Pomade.

After wearing this style for 2 days, I changed the style again. This time I decided to try a twistout and it was absolutely beautiful!!!! She wore her twists for 4 days before the twistout. I think that this, along with the moisturizers, really helped to improve our overall results.

She ended up wearing her hair out for 2 more days. I continued to use the moisturizers and I covered her hair using the same satin bonnet mentioned in this post. Here are the results:

So there you have it! One week, three styles... How do you make the most out of your styles?

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  1. Love it Love It Love it!!! Not that I want my BBH to grow up all fast on me, but I cant wait to see her blossom into a beautiful little girl like your baby!!!


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