Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Style

We hope everyone had a very happy and safe Halloween! This year, Anisa decided to dress up as a Hollywood Movie Star although she looks a lot like a princess. I kept it pretty simple with her hair. It was in desperate need of a wash so I didn't want to do a style and have to take it down the next night. She wore a simple but elegant roll that was topped off with a pretty tiara. 

Her little brother was as cute as can be as Spongebob!! 

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  1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!! Her hair is beautiful and she is wearing that costume!! And, you already know that little Chocolate Spongebob is looking as handsome as ever!! :)


  2. Thanks Charlotte! LMBO @ chocolate Spongebob!!

  3. Love this look, her hair is sooo pretty. Her costume is made pretty by her.

  4. i love love love her hair, soooo pretty!

    and spongebob is the cutest i've ever seen!

  5. Very very pretty...I loved her French Roll.

  6. Gorgeous french roll! I swear, she reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in that dress (one of my favorite Hollywood starlets). How cute is her little brother, all dressed up like Spongebob?!?!


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