Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mini Box Braids Style

I finally decided to try an actual style on Anisa's mini box braids! She's been wearing them in basic styles such as ponytails, pinned back, and completely down with a headband. In our Quick Update: Mini Box Braids post I mentioned that she has had her braids since Thanksgiving. I think they still look good after being in for this amount of time. 

For this style, I styled her braids in flat twists that lead into a flat twisted up do. I am really happy to say that I was able to create this style without the use of rubberbands. After her hair was completely twisted, I secured certain areas with the use of hair pins. 

While creating this style, I used Oyin Handmade's Sugar Berry Pomade. I will continue to keep her braids moisturized and protected by using a satin bonnet and pillowcase. 

Thank you for the wonderful style suggestions that were posted in the comments section of our last post! We really do appreciate your kind words and feedback! 


  1. She always has the most amazing styles, I love them!

  2. Very cute! She always looks so stylish, but never too grown....kudos MOM :0)

  3. I love the french roll/faux hawk look. It's so pretty on her!


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